A Story Before Bed – “Can’t be near an important youngster in your life at bedtime? Record a story, and they can play it back whenever they want.”

What do you guys think about this? Brilliant or ridiculous?


  1. Neither. It’s a fine idea. I would read and record chapters of a novel for my wife to listen to on the way to school in the early mornings (it was an hour-and-a-half drive) and she found it nice to hear my voice on those otherwise lonely drives and it’s nice to know that someone took that kind of effort for you. Plus, if something should happen to you, your child will have this recording of you reading to her to hold onto for the rest of her life, a recording full of your love for her.

  2. My parents did something similar. My mom recorded herself singing lullabies, and my dad recorded himself reading stories. They would play whichever one would calm me down or help me fall asleep as a baby. My father passed away soon after I was born, so those recordings were awesome for me to listen to as I grew up.

    My dad also used to record “letters” for my mom and ship them over to her while she was working overseas. It was fun to listen to those as a kid and see that I had had a dad like other kids and mine loved my mom. It meant a lot to both my mom and myself to have those recordings.

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