Get a double dose of America’s favorite body-infesting xenomorph this week as the guys offer their Alien retrospective as well as a review of the latest movie to feature a spacebound band of doomed souls, Alien: Covenant. But first, to get into the chest-bursting mood, they look back at the 1979 film that started it all. How has the series changed in its nearly forty years of dingy industrial space freighters, malevolent beasties, and uncannily calm androids? And how does the latest chapter stack up against previous installments?

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Music intro by Jerry Goldsmith, “Main Title,” from the Alien official soundtrack.
Music interlude by Jed Kurzel, “Covenant,” from the Alien: Covenant official soundtrack.

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.