Like many people I have been recently captivated by The Colony. The Discovery Channel’s new show is a ten week experiment where ten volunteers are left to rebuild after the world is destroyed by a virus. The show is gripping and captivating. The “survivors” have had to find their own food and water, secure their own facility, and fight off attackers. With professional Homeland Security commentators observing the events the show feels and looks like a realisitc depiction of the end of civilization. But in spite of all the devastating realities of the aftermath of an apocalypse, one thing stands out as the worst reality to me: people are still sinners.

Christians believe in an apocalypse of sorts, a destruction of evil, injustice, and all that is not of God. Some even believe in a destruction of the whole earth. But the aftermath of that Apocalypse is heaven, eternal bliss with God. We believe this life is as bad as it gets for Christians. The Colony, however, suggests that after the Apocalypse the only thing different is civilization, residents of the former civilization are still selfish, angry, and (without laws) capable of great atrocities against one another.

The Colony is captivating because it is shows the struggle of survival in a devastated abandoned urban center. It’s like I am Legend brought to life (well sort of). But the hope it offers is only minimal at best.

It’s somewhat comforting to know that survival after devastation is possible. But it’s depressing to know that after the apocalypse there is only struggle, most of which is still caused by ourselves. Thankfully Scriptures says that for those who know and love Jesus as Savior the aftermath of earthly destruction and judgment is glory and joy!