Mad Men: Longing to Be Known

Is life just a revolving door? Mad Men suggests it is, and it isn’t.

Mad Men: Wandering for Milk and Honey

Mad Men: Seeking Shangri-La

In the Mad Men universe, Shangri-La is what everyone has always been looking for. It is paradise.

Mad Men: A Mournful Victory

This season’s pervasive tone is “the more things change, the more they stay the same,” with characters returning left and right—usually to tie up some loose ends and then untie some others.

Mad Men: The Imperceptibility of Change

I’ve been trying to decide—for years, literally—if Mad Men is a tragedy or a comedy.

Mad Men: It’s All Smoke and Spitting in the Wind

Mad Men’s “Severance” is full of quests not taken, questers who have sucked the marrow out of life and yet can’t quite get off the ground and wind up slinging back to earth.

7 Things to Keep in Mind about the Last Episode of Mad Men

It’s times like these that I wonder, just a little, if the writers are trolling us.

Mad Men: Only Connect

Mad Men shows us how a technology like television can be an isolating force or one that gives us, as a culture, something to talk about and ponder and discuss.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 6 of Mad Men

There’s some awfully clear Biblical symbolism in this episode.

Mad Men: Searching for Family

Mad Men gives us mirrors of our most basic fears and desires.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 5 of Mad Men

You know when Don thinks he’s supposed to be having fun, because he puts on a plaid jacket.

Mad Men: The Comic Circle

There’s nothing new under the sun—the context just changes a little.

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 4 of Mad Men

Don’s death stares are in full force this week.

Mad Men: Lords of the Galaxy

Who would have pegged Freddy—poor Freddy Rumsen—for the most civilized of them all?

7 Things to Keep in Mind About Season 7, Episode 3 of Mad Men

Here’s the thing about Peggy…

Mad Men: The Unfulfilling Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

These characters’ inability to believe in the approval and love of those around them is what dislocates them from a world they used to own.