Spoilers, of course. If you haven’t already, make sure to read our full episode recap, The Comic Circle.

  1. Conspicuously absent from this episode: Roger Sterling.

  2. You know when Don thinks he’s supposed to be having fun, because he puts on a plaid jacket.

  3. Something that seems at least a little interesting is that Megan – so long a steady character, as far as development goes – has subtly gone from sweetly guileless to still sweet, but definitely a better actress. You can see it in her face when people walk away now.

  4. The sound design in the scene where Ginsberg sticks tissues in his ears to block out the hum of the computer is subtle, but fun: you can hear the hum lessen once the tissue gets in.

  5. Also in that scene is another homage to 2001: A Space Odyssey, recalling last week’s episode: the way Ginsberg’s eyes shift from Lou to Cutler and back is exactly how HAL 9000 watches the astronauts in 2001. (Also, I couldn’t help but feel like Ginsberg in this episode was in a Kubrickian sort of movie all his own, in which he’s right and it’s everyone else who’s crazy.)

  6. I am not prone to sympathize with Betty Draper, but . . . seriously, “Keep your conversation to how much you hate getting toast crumbs in the butter and leave the thinking to me”? Go to the bad place, Henry.

  7. As Matt Zoller Seitz points out at Vulture, the Freudian (womp womp) slip that swaps in “Mort Drucker” for “Mort Walker” is telling: Walker wrote Beetle Bailey, while Drucker is best known as a comics contributor to the countercultural Mad magazine for over five decades.

  8. Stephanie: “I know all his secrets.” Megan: “You don’t know him very well.”

  9. Given all the computer imagery lately, I am beginning to feel that I want the show to end the way The Social Network ended: in 2006, with old Don refreshing Megan’s Facebook profile, waiting for her to accept his friend request.

  10. Poor Bobby Draper.