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Editor in Chief Richard Clark is joined by staff writer Derek Rishmawy and Dan Darling Vice President of Communications at the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission  to discuss the new cultural context Christians find themselves in today, and our opportunities to engage with others wisely.


  1. Huh – So…abortion is a justice issue, but the Church’s indefatigable efforts to marginalize people who are gay is not? You hold people who are gay in such disdain that you think they are “wrecking themselves”?

    Your words are damaging. If you think you are loving people who are gay, you are sadly mistaken. You are loving them straight to the grave. It is unconscionable.

    This is a shameful discussion full of prideful judgement and sinful moral certitude disguised as care and compassion. I pray God increases your understanding and shows you how to truly love people who are gay.

  2. We have gay people in our congregation.

    But the minute they make an issue of it (their homosexuality)…the minute they want the pastor or the church to affirm their sin (it IS a sin)…then they will have to go elsewhere. That is also true for anyone who wants the church to affirm ANY sin.

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