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Podcast Producer Cray Allred is joined by staff writer Nick Rynerson and friends of CAPC, Gina Dalfonzo and D.L. Mayfield to discuss Doug Wilson’s assertion that Doug Phillips’ alleged sexual abuse victim cannot possibly be a victim, evangelizing with guns, and a new partnership between HBO and Amazon Prime.

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  1. This seems a little unfair, Wilson has repeatedly denounced Phillips and said he should never have a position of authority again.

  2. Wilson might have taken the road less traveled on this issue, but he did not take the road reported in this podcast. Evidence: He posted this on his blog — two days before this podcast aired (!). http://dougwils.com/s7-engaging-the-culture/vision-forum-and-a-season-of-meditation.html This post (taken with his others http://dougwils.com/?s=vision+forum) paints a different picture of Wilson’s view of Philips et al than the one depicted in the podcast.

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