Editor-in-Chief Richard Clark is joined by associate editor Erin Straza and friend of CAPC Karen Swallow Prior to talk about the dark themes of Lana Del Rey’s music, the practice of shaming kids who act up online, and the trend of propping a corpse outside of the casket for the deceased’s funeral.



  1. Not a comment on the podcast per say (which was good), just a note that her last name is spelled “Rey” :)

  2. I was listening to the podcast through the section on the Lana Del Rey album (full disclosure caveat: i like Del Rey’s music) and I was listening Karen Swallow Prior makes an interesting comment about whether Del Rey in pursuing some of her darker life experiences can said to be authentic compared to someone who is inadvertently in the same circumstances. I think the point may be fair on some levels but not on others. Here is what I mean, if we can be authentic in pursuing something good, then why are we not authentic in pursuing something not good? I get the argument that the nature of the thing pursued (good vs evil) may mean that we are pursuing and actual thing vs. nothing (Augustinian evil is really only privation of the good). But after you haven’t eaten in three days, all of your possessions fit in a backpack you found in a dumpster, you are huddled in a cardboard box to stay out of the rain, and you are fighting withdraw symptoms…at what point can you say that you are authentically homeless, or you have experienced something authentically evil? if we pursue something evil does it make it any less evil because we have pursued it? Is withdraw less painful because we chose to put drugs in our system? Does freezing to death because we chose not to get a job make us any less dead? Del Rey may have chased evil at the behest of some misguided sense of romanticism, but does that really invalidate her experiences?

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