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CAPC Magazine, February 2017: ‘And the Winner Is…’

Award show season reminds us of the power stories have to change hearts and sway the masses.

CAPC Magazine, January 2017: ‘Your Best Year Now’

Certainly 365 days is long enough to craft and create the life we’ve always wanted. Right?

CAPC Magazine, December 2016: ‘What Christmas Is All About’

It’s easy to either succumb to the commercialization of the season or become overly protective—and pushy—about the Christian aspects of the holiday.

CAPC Magazine, December 2016: ‘In the Trenches’

Instead of getting discouraged about the sorrows, we need to pick a trench, jump in, and do the hard and sometimes heartbreaking work in front of us.

CAPC Magazine, November 2016: ‘Cultivating Shalom’

Humans have longed for true peace—the wholeness and rest of God’s shalom—since the garden rebellion.

CAPC Magazine, October 2016: ‘Votes, Voices, and Vices’

A fresh take on political discourse is one of the seeds we must sow.

CAPC Magazine, October 2016: Dystopian Disillusionment

Stories are a powerful therapy for the human heart struggling with the heaviness of the world.

CAPC Magazine, August 2016: Good Clean Fun

Childlike play, choosing to have fun, is a demonstration of faith, that God is ruler yet.

CAPC Magazine, August 2016: Dabbling in Other Gospels

It is good, therefore, to see the big picture and consider how our faith might have been woven with some threads of heresy.

CAPC Magazine, July 2016: Pop Culture Cults

We are inexplicably drawn to shiny new things that make us laugh, inspire, evoke hope, or instill a sense of status.

CAPC Magazine, July 2016: God & Country Special Reflection Issue

We have much to celebrate as Americans and even more to celebrate as Christians.

CAPC Magazine, September 2015: Walk Like a Man

What does it mean to be a man? This issue of Christ and Pop Culture Magazine tries to sort it out.

America the Foreign Land?

Many nations have claimed to be “Christian.” But the only earthly nation that God ever specifically sanctioned was Old Testament Israel.

CAPC Magazine, Volume 2, Issue 14: How to Love a Country

This issue of the Christ and Pop Culture Magazine will help us find the balance we need to live as sojourners in this land of the free and home of the brave.

CAPC Magazine, June 2013: The Least of These

We’re taking a hard look at issues related to class, the less fortunate, and social justice.