Be Offended and Do Not Sin: An Attempt to Reframe Our Culture of Perpetual Outrage

Rather than framing our offense as a moral stance or an end in itself, we need to learn to frame it as an opportunity.

Hope in My Earbuds: A Tribute to the Gilmore Guys

For Kevin Porter of Gilmore Guys, hospitality looked like a podcast with a posture of welcome and inclusion.

For the Love of S-Town

S-Town bears out the shared fate of body and place.

Solidarity, BBC Dad

BBC Dad started that interview as an expert on Korean politics, but he ended it as Every Parent Ever.

In Defense of Fireplaces: A Moral Critique of Sam Harris’s “Fireplace Delusion”

Sam Harris and the science of morality school of thought fail to recognize that an action like burning wood might have value beyond an obvious contribution to “progress.”

Telling My Story: The Limits of Personal Narrative

The standard explanation for the power of personal narrative is that out of a particular experience, the universal one can be understood, or at least felt, if only briefly.

A Model of Christian Parody: What The Babylon Bee Can Learn from Weird Al

Weird Al Yankovic can show us all how poking fun doesn’t have to be so harmful, and not every joke about another human being creates an enemy.

Playing Video Games and Finding Community

Playing video games develops a sense of skill and community, just like any other sport. It’s time for parents and other adults to recognize this.

LOL Interwebz: A Eulogy and a Thanks

Christ and Pop Culture writer Luke T. Harrington says farewell to LOL Interwebz.

LOL interwebz: “internet” is Spelled With a Lowercase “i” now. i Don’t Know What to Believe Anymore.

Rest in peace, capital-I Internet. We hardly knew ye.

LOL Interwebz: Dropping Mics and Dropping Clients

When Google introduced the “Mic Drop” feature they were just trying to be funny, but they ruined quite a few lives in the process.

LOL Interwebz: Microsoft Made Tay, an AI Twitterbot That Immediately Turned Racist; and in a Way, Aren’t We All Just Racist Twitterbots?

How are you different from an automaton like Microsoft’s Tay, fellow brain owner?

LOL Interwebz: This Post Contains Zero Videos of Hulk Hogan or Other Celebrities Having Sex (Sorry)

What’s almost as striking as the public hunger for violation is how genuinely celebrities like Hulk Hogan seem to feel violated when these videos are published.

LOL Interwebz: Daaaaaaaaaaaang, Adulthood!

The world is a dark, scary place, and disposable pap like “Damn Daniel” is comforting.

LOL Interwebz: Why You Would Dislike Having a Dislike Button

You don’t need a dislike button, and you don’t even want a dislike button.

Sacred Time in the Netflix Era

Strange as it may sound, instant-access, binge-watching Netflix culture can, in fact, enrich our lives.