LOL Interwebz: Taking a Wiz on Racism

Yes, you and I are even called to love clueless white people who don’t understand why ‘The Wiz: Live!’ had an all-black cast.

LOL Interwebz: An Article about Selfies that I Definitely Didn’t Tap out on My Phone while Sitting on the Toilet

I still look at my friends’ selfies, because, honestly, I like to see their faces.

The Next Page: This Is Your Brain on Screens

It’s part of my Christian responsibility to be a wise steward of my time as well as my body.

LOL Interwebz: Please Notice How Cool I Am When You Read This

It’s less about the product itself than it is about who sees us using it and what they think of us for doing so.

Cool Takes: Life and Death on the Internet

It hurts everywhere. In Beirut, in Paris, in Syria and in Missouri, USA, in all the many, many places I forgot to name.

LOL Interwebz: The One Where I Get Mad at the People Who Are Mad at the People Who Are Mad at Starbucks

If you’re going to take a moral stand on social media, maybe you should try taking one that actually requires a tiny bit of courage.

LOL Interwebz: Don’t Tell Anyone, but My Password is “P@ssw0rd”

Maybe poetry sounds like a weird approach to computer passwords, but it’s a solution that’s part of a long and storied human tradition.

LOL Interwebz: The Legend of the Ungreasy Smartphone

A new world is dawning, friends. A new world of ungreasy cell phones and impervious echo chambers

LOL Interwebz: Seeking a Quick Divorce from the Mob

We now take it for granted that people who have said things sufficiently offensive deserve to be hounded out of their jobs, their homes, and even their families by an online mob.

LOL Interwebz: I Promise There’s No “Half Foods” Joke in This One

We make fun of Californians who are slightly richer than we are, because…why? So we can feel slightly better about our own excesses?

LOL Interwebz: No One Cares About Your Political Image Macros, You Clod

If you think your political goals are what the world really needs, you’d better be willing to annoy, harass, lie, cheat, steal, and/or kill for them.

LOL Interwebz: Only ’90s Kids Will Understand the Crippling Emptiness of Human Existence

If we’re demanding that our childhood be recycled over and over, perhaps it’s because adulthood as currently conceived of has very little to offer us.

LOL Interwebz: Ice, Ice Bucket? …Too Cold.

Like the best charity crazes, the Ice Bucket Challenge let you feel good about yourself without actually having to do anything.

LOL Interwebz: Get off My Lawn and Honor the Time Cube

On this sad day, when we all learn that the Time Cube is no more, remember: none of us is the Wisest Human.

LOL Interwebz: The Revenge of the #LOL!

Internet, we had an arrangement. You would be generally terrible, and I would tell the world about your general terribleness.

Should We Go Down the Ashley Madison Rabbit Hole?

Should we look up the names of those exposed in the Ashley Madison hack?