Sacred Time in the Netflix Era

Strange as it may sound, instant-access, binge-watching Netflix culture can, in fact, enrich our lives.

LOL Interwebz: An Open Letter to Those People Who Keep Writing Terrible Open Letters

Well, there you go, Internet. A self-righteous open letter. I await my kudos.

Real Presence: Social Media Praise and Pitfalls

Social media can’t be our only means of spreading God’s presence.

LOL Interwebz: I Just Found out That “Ransomware” Is a Thing, and That Seems Like a Good Excuse to Write Some Dystopian Sci-Fi

“Ransomware” started small, back in the mid-’10s. How could we have known technology wasn’t automatically good?

LOL Interwebz: Frinkiac and the Triumph of ‘The Simpsons’

‘The Simpsons’ did a better job of reaching the masses that the culture warriors had already written off.

LOL Interwebz: PuppyMonkeyBabies and Super Bowl Babies

One series of ads—and, yes, the Twitter response to it—gave me a bit of hope. I’m talking, of course, about the “Super Bowl Babies” ad series.

LOL Interwebz: McDonald’s Is Dead…and We Have Killed It.

Our culture is drowning in morals but starved for virtues—we all think no one has the right to judge us, but we all reserve the right to judge everyone else.

LOL Interwebz: 96% of Film Critics Want You to Read This

Nostalgia can be a powerful force—the human brain tends to remember what was good about the past and forget what was crummy about it.

Scrolling with God

Social networking can show us additional blips of each others’ stories that aid us in the work of knowing and being known.

LOL Interwebz: I’ll Be Here All Week, Folks, and Don’t Forget to Tip Your Waiter

When we share the Gospel in a way that is deceptive, we strongly imply that the Gospel itself is deceptive.

LOL Interwebz: So, Apparently the Internet Is on a Big ‘Wizard of Oz’ Kick, or Something

I wonder if maybe our own constant chasing of newness reflects a desire to escape our own mortality—an attempt to deny that we’re made of dust and to dust we will return.

LOL Interwebz: The Vine and the Lattice

Sometimes feeling the right things takes practice. Sometimes you have to rehearse the outward forms before the inward form takes root.

LOL Interwebz: My Inauspicious Debut to Mommyblogging

Should I feel bad about letting Netflix babysit? I don’t know. Will you like me better if I do?

LOL Interwebz: Taking a Wiz on Racism

Yes, you and I are even called to love clueless white people who don’t understand why ‘The Wiz: Live!’ had an all-black cast.

LOL Interwebz: An Article about Selfies that I Definitely Didn’t Tap out on My Phone while Sitting on the Toilet

I still look at my friends’ selfies, because, honestly, I like to see their faces.

The Next Page: This Is Your Brain on Screens

It’s part of my Christian responsibility to be a wise steward of my time as well as my body.