We’ll be off doing things with our families and celebrating Christmas for the rest of the week, so you won’t be hearing a lot out of us. In the meantime, we thought we’d document all of the Christmas-related stuff we’ve posted in since Christ and Pop Culture’s founding in a way that is helpful to you. Each post is labeled in terms of questions you may have that the posts answer. We hope you find them helpful.

In the meantime, we want to know how you celebrate Christmas (or don’t). Comment and share your favorite Christmas traditions, or non-traditions. Once we get back, Ben and I will have a Christmas debriefing, and discuss some of the things you’ve shared.

In the meantime, here’s Christ and Pop Culture’s Christmas guide:

Is Christmas about more than celebrating Jesus’ birthday?

What do we do with Santa Claus?

What do we think when we’re feeling all Grinchy?

What’s wrong with How the Grinch Stole Christmas?

Is there anything wrong with “secular” Christmas traditions?

How can we avoid Christmas disappointment?

Bonus, Travel Listening:

Podcast #32: Tis The Season to Argue!

Podcast #67: How Ben Stole Christmas

If Christmas is so wonderful, then why are we often so miserable?