This week begins a series of new weekly “Of the Moment” posts, here at Christ and Pop Culture! Every weekday, you can expect to hear from a specific writer about a specific subject – even on Saturday! We’ll still be providing new long-form feature articles every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and they’ll be just as thoughtful and timely as ever. Here’s the rundown of weekly Of the Moment posts you can expect in the future:

Monday: With “Citizenship Confusion” Alan Noble examines what it means to be a citizen of Christ while also being a citizen of the world, and with “Still Watching” Kristi Israel watches a bunch of old stuff and writes about it with hindsight.

Tuesday: Ben Bartlett defies the common wisdom and sets us straight on cultural issues with “On the Other Hand”.

Wednesday: Carissa Smith tells us the more high-minded stuff we should be consuming instead of The Bachelor and Lady Gaga with “Eat Your Vegetables”.

Thursday: Richard Clark (yeah that’s me, weird!) shares a little bit about a game he’s been playing this week and why it’s meaningful with “Play in Process”.

Friday: Drew Dixon and Jason Morehead share their favorite examples of common grace in the music world with “Grace Notes”.

Saturday: Chase Livingston marvels at the crazy side of Christian culture, and confesses some of the things that make him crazy as well with “Crazy Train”.