Chuck Colson gets Christian politics right. – I’ve always had a lot of respect for Colson. It’s good to read this at Patrol.


  1. – “Fifty-six percent of Americans think evangelicals spend too much time complaining and not enough time solving problems”
    I can agree with that statement, he explains with this what the real problem is for the next half of this statement.
    -” fifty-two percent believe Christians only care about abortion and homosexuality.”
    52% huh, well here is the real problem. Christians complain about it and never do anything. We stand on the side of the road holding signs saying “abortion is bad” but we don’t stop the abortions. Those christians who do get into office, and have the ability to do things the “right way” (without guns a blazin) don’t want to bring their Christian beliefs into politics. So we are at a stand still.
    We don’t want to bring religion into politics because religion “doesn’t belong there”. But we cant get anything done because we havent got the power.
    Or do we? We have the bible telling us what Gods law is pertaining to murdereres, we have Gods law pertaining to homosexuals, yet we ignore those laws because it is a “religious” law. Or because well “I feel bad killing a homosexual, can’t we love them instead?” Everyone else in the room: “oh yes, lets love them to Christ.”
    Yeah it’s worked so far. Homosexuals are taking over this country, and soon our churches. What are Christians suppose to do when the law says it’s a hate crime to speak out against homosexuals? Do we obey the law, or God? From what I have seen, we will obey the law. our ignorance toward Gods laws, and our disobediance toward God, have us in a bad place now. We didn’t do what God said, so now God is letting them win. How many times did the Isrealites do this. They ignored God and God, for lack of a better term, cursed them.
    We have lost this country to the immoral people of the world. We have held our tounges in hopes that we *might* lead someone to Christ. What good is it if we gain one soul, and allow thousands to live in sin. Can Christians not see that we are allowing them to take over. We are trying to love them into salvation by tolerating their sin. Well sir what happens when your child becomes gay? Surely they see that in cartoons, and the news, that homosexuality is portrayed as a good thing. Your daughter finds it “cool” to be a lesbian. And you have sat on your butt and done nothing to stop this from happening. You talked a great talk about how it is a sin, but your walk is to the fridge to get another beer.

    You had a chance, we, have a chance, to fight this, and make laws to abolish such things. The question is are we going to put God into politics or are we going to let our emotions hinder Gods hand?

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