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  1. Allow me a moment to say that I thought it was flat-out awesome that their article, “Frankendesign” (the one about lazy design work in the church), was filled with hyphenated artifacts from what I presume was the print version of the article. For an article chastising Christianity’s low standards when it comes to design excellence, it was amusing to see words like: calen-dar, ar-tistic, and try-ing.

    As far as the article’s content, I didn’t find the argument very compelling and certain statements (a f’rinstance is coming) just fell wholly flat.

    F’rinstance (told you), “You can’t cultivate anything new using the same raw materials you’ve used before.” Spoken like someone whose imagination is used up and might not be suited for his particular field of design. Never blame the raw materials for your lack of ability to make magnificence from the materials. It’s not the material. It’s you. Really.

    I think I’ll keep my $12. That’ll get me a month and a bit of WoW when I re-up. Much better investment.

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