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I wish I’d had this book much earlier in my ministry. If Dave Furman’s book Being There had been in my hands a lot sooner, I think I could have learned to care for and love the people who were walking through pain and suffering much better than I have. That’s why I believe this book is so helpful and needed for today. It’s a master class in caring for and loving those who are facing measured pain in their daily lives in some form or another.

Dave Furman’s Being There is intended to help us navigate life with those who are suffering.

If we’re honest with ourselves — and with what we see in culture today — we’re more likely to be living through the pain of life rather than the triumph of life. There are far more broken, wounded, and limping souls within our lives than there are victorious champions marching up the podium of success and glory. This is especially true in Christianity. The broken in spirit are the one’s who are blessed. The mourners are the ones who will be comforted. And so Christ collects the downtrodden.

Our cultural narrative at this present time only reinforces the brokenness of our back. From Go Set a Watchman to Jessica Jones, culture is often engaging with the realities of pain. But who will deal with the pain? Who will help those in their pain? Are the comforts of Christ really just disembodied mental exercises in positive thinking or is there real comfort for his hurting people in the body of Christ? Furman not only believes this to be so, he expertly shows how it can be true among us.

Dave Furman’s Being There is intended to help us navigate life with those who are suffering. Furman shares of his own physical-turned-emotional brokenness and offers us help in helping those who are broken. As Furman states,

“Maybe you’re struggling in your care, and you feel like you can’t go on and there is nothing you can do to help the hurting person in your life. You’re right, on your own you can’t. The goal of this entire book is to point you to Jesus, who is your only hope, and to walk you through some ways you can love those who hurt with the strength God provides.”

While it may seem an unusual resource to share with our community of pop-culture engaged members, we see the need for it all the time. Among our members-only forum, the hurt and pain that is expressed needs comfort and healing. This book, at least among our members, may be the most helpful way for us to learn and grow in caring for one another. To create and cultivate communities of help and healing we must learn to love and “be there” for one another.

We invite you to join Christ and Pop Culture and be equipped to be a helper and healer through Dave Furman’s Being There. You will also find an engaging and supportive community of pilgrims seeking to help and walk well with one another, even through the difficult pains of life. Our efforts to create quality, thoughtful work engaging popular culture and the Christian faith are helped by your support and membership.

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