Believe it or not, Activision is currently developing Guitar Hero for DJ’s, entitled ‘Scratch: The Ultimate DJ’. From a “mostly hands-off demo: 

The controller is about what we were expecting, but the still-in-development gameplay had some surprises. You aren’t just controlling the “DJ-y” bits of songs and randomly scratching along, but switching between different instruments and tapping along with the controller’s five buttons. Unlike“Guitar Hero” or “Rock Band,” there is no “strumming” needed — you just hit the appropriate button.

The scratch mechanic can be played with at any time, though careful and creative uses will be rewarded with score multipliers.

Each of the buttons also corresponds to a sample tied to a “battle record” that’s picked before gameplay begins. Throughout the track, there are opportunities to mix in these samples and make the song uniquely yours. If you’re not satisfied with the hundreds of samples already built into “Scratch,” however, the game is compatible with USB microphones and you can record your own.

The criticism these games always inspire is the idea that instead of playing these games you could be doing the actual thing itself. My wife had this complaint about Guitar Hero for the longest time until she actually tried it. It seems like actually getting your hands on these games is the key to accepting them.

Anyone out there actually try Guitar Hero or Rock Band and still hate it?


  1. Hey guys!

    DJ Hero and Scratch: The Ultimate DJ are actually two different games.

    Scratch will be released by Genius Product in the next couple of months,whereas DJ Hero will be released by Activision just ahead of Christmas.

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