An open letter to employees at Focus on the Family and Boundless, from Jeffrey Overstreet.

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  1. Thanks for the link (and please correct the spelling of my first name.) Thanks.

    I’m very weary of this whole debate, since for all of the responses offered and the attempts at dialogue, there seems to be no progress, just more accusations. Except for my hoping to receive some responses from other people at Focus to learn their views, I’m done with this whole mess.

    My faith has grown so much due to the leadership of insightful and inspired Christians who are “in, but not of” the world, and I’m grateful for the work you’ve done so far at Christ and Pop Culture to kindle conversations of that kind. May God bless you with increasing understanding and delight in his glory wherever you find it.

    Jeffrey Overstreets last blog post..New Miyazaki on the way!

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