Andrew Byers asks, “Is Christianity Anti-Intellectual?” He says it shouldn’t be and offers a way forward. 

Wendy Alsup reflects on The Gospel and the Bikini Barista.

I wrote a review of Okkervil River’s new album I Am Very Far, while less accessible than their previous two albums, its their most spiritually searching album to date–a compelling listen from start to finish.

Good Christian B!@$%%es: “We shouldn’t be asking so much whether the show’s title is offensive but rather whether it’s true.”

The Worst Jesus Free Review of Portal 2 – Ok the title might be a tad hyperbolic but the Tom Chick brings up some excellent if slightly amusing points and the discussion that follows is worthwhile for any Christian who writes about games.

A History of Christian Rock – this is less a history and more thoughtful musing on how the genre began and where it is now.

The National Endowment of the Arts (NEA) now considers videogames art.

Michael Spencer has written a balanced critique of Dan Cook’s “A Blunt Critique of Game Criticism.”

Christopher Hitchens on dying and the loss of his voice: “To lose this ability is to be deprived of an entire range of faculty: it is assuredly to die more than a little.”

The Internet Monk muses on the “culture of pizzazz” and entertainment that seems so prevalent in today’s churches.

Is Star Trek Anti-Religion Or Merely Ambiguous About It?

If this interview is any indication, Rockstar’s next offering following Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, is shaping up to be something special.

I wrote a personal essay about a game called World of Goo and how it made me think about the concept of deity that was published over at Gamasutra.

If you’re interested at all in game criticism, here’s something you absolutely must read.

How does Mensa feel about video games?

This is a great article: Let Lady Gaga Have Her Judas.