Jerram Barrs on the redemptive elements in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Vic Sizemore on music as a “soul orgasm”: “I struggle daily with issues of faith and doubt. I am resigned to this as my lot in life. When a silly song on a bad TV show gives me chills, though, when a fine guitar solo makes me soar, when the violins in Rachmaninoff’s piano concerto rise as one vast wave, lifting the piano part, I know it isn’t simply vibrations hitting my ears.”

Erin S.

Punky Brewster is all grown up! And her new book reads “like it was written by your best friend, honest and authentic.”

With all the creative talent around these days, you’d think these Royal Wedding dolls wouldn’t look so spooky.

Surprising tip of the week: When your orangutan gets bored, give him an iPad.

Empiricists arguing that argument is not valid (as usual). Seems fishy (as usual).

Interesting discussion on a European Christian culture sans the Christianity.

Personal fave singer/songwriter/YA-Christian-fantasy-writer Andrew Peterson’s thoughts on striving for good art in fantasy writing.

Erin N.
Does it matter that Kristen Stewart is almost unrecognizable on the cover of W? Should it matter?

What does the 2012 presidential election mean for education? Probably nothing good–no matter which party gains power.

What’s the story behind early elective C-sections inPortland?


Earlier this week I wrote an article for Relevant Magazine called “The Wasted Potential of Videogame Violence” where I explored the tendency in games to default to male power fantasies and consequently to treat violence as if it has no consequences.  J.P Grant reviewed a game for Kill Screen Magazine that might just fit the bill of what I am looking for.

Why Most People Don’t Finish Videogames.

Mark Pape seeks to help us unpack the U. K. Riots.