Is the ability to “hate well” necessary to be a good judge of style and aesthetics?

Albert Mohler describes how the Penn State scandal and Joe Paterno’s firing “must shake the entire nation into a new moral awareness.”

Mexico’s infamous drug cartels have killed yet another person for criticizing them in social media.

Here’s a list of the world’s eight worst fonts (and no, Comic Sans isn’t among them).

Google+ is doomed, doomed I tell you.

Here’s a good breakdown of Five Things we can learn from the most recent Republican Primary Debate.

One of those things is, “Oops might mean Over” for Rick Perry. That might have been the most awkward 45 seconds of television history.

If you think you could be pepper sprayed in the near future, apparently a spritz of Maalox will help with that. Much more helpful than running around in a circle and while flapping your arms, which is what they taught me in the Army.

The Ignoble Defeat of General Patton.

Awesome! Bill Murray is going to play FDR in an upcoming movie. President Roosevelt never looked so happy before!

Where is My Mind? I think it fell out after watching this video. Wow. I like it better than the Pixies version.

Who said basketball can’t be ballet?

Making the Bible look cool again. No really, this guy did a poster for each book of the Bible, and they are amazing.

First it was John Lennon’s tooth and now this: Michael Jackson’s deathbed is up for auction. That’s right.

Adobe finally admits Steve Jobs was right about Flash and HTML5. A little late, don’t ya think?

Peter Jackson shared another look into the making of upcoming Hobbit films. If Peter Jackson is into 3D, count me in.

Chuck Klosterman’s obituary for Andy Rooney was the most provocative thing I read all week. Klosterman claims that Rooney’s atheism was central to his reporting modus operandi.

Eddie Murphy and Brett Ratner are both out as the respective host and producer for next year’s Oscars.

John Brandon stays undefeated in his preternaturally awesome college football column.

Molly Lambert provided this analysis of the ways directors (namely David Fincher and Brett Ratner) talk about their actresses.

Metallica and Lou Reed released the worst album of the year.

Kirk Hamilton wrote about derogatory language toward women in Batman: Arkham City. G. Christopher Williams responds—bringing some nuance to the discussion and looking at the history of Batman and Noirr.

Erin S.
Check out this interesting overview of U.S. megachurches, infographic style.

Ever wonder what it would be like to run a marathon like Ryan Hall? Asics makes it possible with a 60-foot interactive video wall placed in a NYC subway station.

Wonderful blog post titled “five things a pastor should know about worship leaders” from Todd Wright, songwriter and worship pastor of Bethel Bible Church in Tyler, Texas.

Tim Keller’s new marriage book looks quite good. Christianity Today interviews him as well as Fox News.

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