John MacArthur is “encouraging” the Young Restless and Reformed again.Matthew Lee Anderson has written a helpful summary of the Mohler/Wallis debateon social justice and the mission of the church.

Our very own Rich Clark wrote a fascinating review of Battlefield 3 that has me rethinking some of my frustrations with war games.

Gus Mastrapa shares a list of things that he ate in Skyrim–the fact that I found this article compelling is either due to Mastrapa being a compelling writer or a sign that Skyrim is truly special–I suspect both are true.

This article from Caryn Rivadeneira of Think Christian has me wanting to hunt down and dust off my Shel Silverstein books.

Can “The Walking Dead” teach us anything about theology?

Harold Camping apologized for his false teachings.

Colin Dickey on modern day “prophets”: The legend of Nostradamus persists not because we want to understand what’s ahead, but because we want to believe–desperately–that some divinable order lies behind all the chaos.”

The hacker collective known as Anonymous recently threatened the notorious Los Zetas cartel after they allegedly kidnapped one of their members, saying they’d release information about the Zetas and their associates. Then they backed down after the Zetas started employing their own hackers to track down Anonymous’ members. But now it’s on again.

What is the hardest problem in science? (Hint: It has nothing to do with proving the existence of extraterrestrial life.)

Rod Dreher discusses the challenges of Biblical translation.

Don’t worry guys, Twitter isn’t destroying the English language, regardless of what Ralph Fiennes says.

Pitchfork’s Tom Ewing discusses the “Big Music”, i.e., epic-sounding pop music that borrows “the tactics and longings of religion”.

Time to bunker down, Congress has declared war on the Internet: “The bottom line is that if it passes and becomes law, the new act would give the government and copyright holders a giant stick… with which to pursue websites and services they believe are infringing on their content. With little or no requirement for a court hearing, they could remove websites from the Internet and shut down their ability to be found by search engines or to process payments from users.”


Two years ago I don’t think I had heard the term “Keynsian economics,” but now everyone and their aunt’s weasel is an expert on the subject and has an opinion. If I remember correctly, I believe Rick Perry even announced in a recent GOP debate that the current economy has proven Keynsian economics wrong once and for all. But what do actual economists have to say about the theory? Well, it’s complicated.

Justin Bieber might be a dad and could have some lady busted for statutory rape? Whether or not this turns out to be true, the fact that it is not unreasonable testifies to the vile way we turn children into sexual objects and idols in our culture.

Another horrifying reminder of the many overlooked ruins of war: Veteren Suicide rates.


  1. MacArthurs sweeping general(hospital)izations are more disturbing to me than the “concerns” he has for the Young (and the) Restless Reformed.

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