When You Think God Is on Your Side: The Fall of the Russian Empire

Nicholas’s assumption that he was acting on God’s behalf to preserve the divinely-blessed Russian Empire pushed the country into disaster. 

A Thrill of Hope: Why We Need Advent Right Now

The thrill of hope offered in the Advent season is just what we need to recover from this divisive election.

Call for Writers

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Oprah’s Best Body and the Body of Christ

Fat Christians represent the Body of Christ just as much as their thinner counterparts in the church, even if Oprah Winfrey’s new Weight Watcher ads tell us otherwise.

Call for Pitches: Making Fun of Our World

Christ and Pop Culture’s Illustrator Has Created an Insightful and Subversive Comic Book about Total Depravity

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An Introduction to Spiritual Filmmaker, Terrence Malick

Let the awe-inspiring visuals, the deep performances, and the frailty of life so majestically mirrored by Malick sweep over you.

Greg Thornbury: Modeling Cultural Engagement with a Strong Theological Foundation

By having strengthened our foundations in theology and philosophy, we are better prepared to not only represent Christ to our culture, but to engage pop culture with the mind of Christ.

Personal and Reverent Summer Porch Music: a Ship at Sea

The Kiddy Pool: My Grandfather’s House

“The loss of my grandfather aches within me, and it stings all the more because the line feels broken now.”

Think Like A Freak: Admit Your Limitations

If we’re willing to admit we don’t know, we’re now in a position to actually learn from the situation.

Free Single for CAPC Members: Gray Havens’ The Stone

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The Duck Dynasty Bible and the Problem of Hero Worship

Language’s Mandate to Charlize Theron (and Everyone Else)

Technically speaking, “rape” can refer to any act of violation, but utter the term to almost anyone, and images of the paparazzi are not what come to mind.