According to Mockingbird, they are “a ministry that seeks to connect the Christian faith with the realities of everyday life in fresh and down-to-earth ways,” a vision that is fulfilled over and over through their online outlet, their print magazine, conferences, and other resources.

In a way, Mockingbird may seem like a very similar ministry to Christ and Pop Culture, and in a lot of ways, they are. We share the same emphasis on the importance of living out one’s faith in daily life, the same appreciation for beauty, and the same “voice crying out in the wilderness,” sensibility that we have grown to assume here at CAPC.

Still, the existence of both ministries is far from redundant. Mockingbird’s joyful but serious tone plays a crucial role in the evangelical landscape. Whenever I visit Mockingbird, I’m reminded of the steady and reliable nature of God’s grace, not only in the abstract, but concretely in the world. Because they are not slavishly attached to the whims of the popular culture machine, they have the freedom to dwell on the timeless nature of grace and its consistent existence in various corners of culture and the arts. This falls directly in mind with their ministry’s primary conviction:

Behind our entire project lies the conviction that none of us ever move beyond our need to hear the basic good news of God’s Grace. In particular, none of us ever fully escape the gravitational pull of personal control (and anxiety) when it comes to life and how we live it. Hence the name “Mockingbird,” which refers to the curious characteristic of the bird itself: to repeat the message it has heard, over and over again.

Mockingbird has graciously offered up a digital version of the latest issue of their magazineThe Mockingbird, to CAPC Members for free as part of our Creator Spotlight Rotating Bundle, which hopefully will convince you that subscribing to this thing is a no-brainer.

They’re also making available an exclusive ebook, This American Gospel: Public Radio Parables and the Grace of God, an absolute must-read if you are (like us) a huge fan of the NPR radio show of a similar name. You know the one. If you wish to read it in print-form, you can purchase it here.

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