Heath Ledger found dead in his apartment


  1. I was gutted when I found out this morning.

    Apparently Jack Nicholson is already quoted as saying “I did warn him”.

    Wonder if there will be a tribute in the credits of The Dark Knight?

  2. A good friend of mine is an entertainment reporter who knew Heath Ledger and said he was super driven, and super torn apart by the breakup of his family. The police are not exactly saying he committed suicide, but they think it was potentially an OD of some kind of drug.

    Not to go all Christian on everybody about this or anything, but it struck me that the things we think will make us happy and ok (like being uber-handsome, famous, rich and sought after) really won’t. And sometimes if we get those things, we are even worse off than we were before. Maybe we were unhappy with ourselves before, but we could tell ourselves that if we could only get famous and rich, we’d be ok. Then if we get famous and rich and have all the things that were supposed to make us ok, and we still aren’t ok — at that point, we aren’t merely unhappy, we’re totally desperate.

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