Rick Warren on Obama’s “above my pay grade” comment: “He should either say, “No, scientifically, I do not believe it’s a human being until X” or whatever it is or say, “Yes, I believe it is a human being at X point,” whether it’s conception or anything else. But to just say “I don’t know” on the most divisive issue in America is not a clear enough answer for me.”

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  1. If he answered that honestly, admitting that defining when something becomes human is beyond him, then I have plenty of respect for the answer. After all, it takes a respectable person to admit to not having enough science/philosophy to answer bio-ethical questions.

    I mean, most people who are either pro-life or pro-choice don’t really have any particular reason for their beliefs beyond their gut instinct. It’d be a shame to have a president who made such important decisions based on gut feelings.

    So yeah, I’m fine with his answer so long as it wasn’t just weaseling out of the question.

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