Is it OK to judge the women of ‘Sex and the City?’


  1. Oh we absolutely can judge the women of Sex and the City. Precisely because they are not people, but representations. From what I understand, they are non-recalcitrant embodiments of the unexamined life. They are: Bad People.

    But because they are not actually people but ideas, we can judge them for what they represent. Had their builders cared to make them real, perhaps some nuance in our treatment of them would be in order. However, they seem to exist in contradistinction to the existence of someone like Willoughby, whom Carissa once wondered whether forgiveness was merited or important.

  2. I’ll admit to being relatively unfamiliar with Sex and the City, but I did read this post and get a good chuckle because the author of this post judges the characters of Sex and the City. She says, “I certainly can’t imagine being their friends and am doing everything in my power to prevent my young daughters from growing up to share their values”–BAM judgement! So there you go.

    And the little I do know about the show is that the begging premise was 4 women who decided they were going to be as nonchallant about sex as most men in Manhattan are–that is something worthy of judging.

    Anyway I will refrain from getting into the differnce between judging people and judging actions/ideas and the importance of lovingly “judging” people inside the church assuming that discussion is unmerrited here. I’ll just say I hope the girls didn’t get their feelings hurt.

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