The New York Times gives Fireproof a decent review!


  1. Man, having seen Facing the Giants, I have a hard time believing this movie is any good. I suppose I should be hoping all things.

  2. Yeah, I just helped host a seminar for teens called How to Watch Movies and the speaker showed clips from Facing the Giants (among a trillion other things) and it looked so very very bad. He said it was leagues better than the company’s prior effort (which I find hard to believe).

    If reading the producers’ synopsis hadn’t already made me think that Fireproof was just going to be straight-up dreadful, watching the climactic scenes fromFtG certainly did.

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  3. Alan, I was bored out of my mind for the first 15 minutes of Facing the Giants, but you must admit, it got much better towards the end. Sure, it’s a Disney style movie, but it packed quite a punch for such a low budget.

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