I StumbledUpon this entry by the incredibly contentious (and irritating) biologist, professor, and atheist PZ Myers, talking about the changes our brains go through in response to our use of technology.

So yes, using computers all the time and chatting in the comments sections of weird web sites will modify the circuitry of the brain and have consequences that will affect the way you think. Maybe I should put a disclaimer on the text boxes on this site. However, there are events that will scramble your brains even more: for example, falling in love. I don’t want to imagine the frantic rewiring that has to go on inside your head in response to that, or the way it can change the way you see the entire rest of the world, for good or bad, for the whole of your life

How has experiencing Christ changed our brains? I’m sure he’ll have a field day with that question. Just ignore him though, he’s cranky when…well, always.