Our digital age allows us to handle a lot of life devoid of live, in-person conversation. Business can be handled remotely. Socializing can be done via social media. Shopping and meals can be ordered online. We simply don’t need to converse with each other face to face.

But for all the convenience we gain, what do we lose? In this episode of Persuasion, Erin Straza and Hannah Anderson wrap up their Talking about Talk series with a special LIVE recording at their Word+Craft Weekend at Leaf Institute in Greenville, South Carolina. Marking only the second time the hosts have been together in person, their discussion covers the pros and cons of face-to-face conversation. Is it important to pursue others in live discussion, or will digital conversations suffice? Do our digital interactions help or hinder our in-person relationships? Can we really know others well without knowing their body language or voice inflections? Is it possible for Erin and Hannah to talk to each other without the usual digital divide?!

Listen in for dialogue on questions like these, then continue the conversation on Twitter @PersuasionCAPC or in the CAPC members-only community on Facebook.

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Persuasion 152 Resources & Links

Millennials Are Struggling With Face To Face Communication: Here’s Why, Forbes

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