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Hello, it’s me.

No. Not Adele. Your Conscience. Hey, I know we haven’t talked in a while but we have a little catching up to do. Really.

You see, I’m a bit miffed off that you’ve been avoiding me lately. It’s not like I’m a complete idiot and all, but for goodness sake, you gotta listen a little bit. I’m here for a good reason.

I know, I know… you wish my counterpart would show up on your shoulder more often and then you could be like Donald Duck with the devil on one shoulder and myself on other and then we could get on with making decisions in the real world, but this ignoring me completely is basically just the same thing. You’re acting as if I don’t exist.

Well, if that’s what you want to do that’s fine, but for one last time, before I’m completely seared off and won’t bother you with these things, I’d like to get you to think. Here’s my issue at the moment that you really have to address:

The Christ and Pop Culture Membership. Really?!?! Five bucks a month (instead of a cup of coffee at Saint Arbucks) and you’d be hooked up with some of the best, most insightful material on culture and faith on the internet. You’d get a great magazine, Creator Spotlight books and music, members-only content. Best of all, you’d get to join a pretty awesome community of folks online to interact with, grow with, and frankly, they would help me do my job a TON better! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Seriously, Buzzfeeding your mind isn’t going to help you. Listen to your conscience. You should feel guilty you’ve waited so long.

In fact, if you were to become a member this month, Christ and Pop Culture will give you an incredible book that could repair our broken relationship. It’s called Conscience by Andrew Naselli & J.D. Crowley. These guys have been listening, reading, thinking and writing to help overcome the issues you and I are having right now, and we could use their help.

You see, I’m not some made up fiction of Walt Disney’s mind that looks like a cricket with an umbrella with a disposition to make you grumpy at every turn. I really want to help you. We’ve had our fights, and well, you’re the one responsible, so I’m starting to just defer to you. In fact if you want it to be that way, well… I guess I won’t get in the way, but I do hope you feel super guilty about it.

Take that membership for instance. You’ve put it off for months. I know I said I won’t bother you about it any more, and really I won’t, but it would be so good for you. Yes, Peter would rather you spend that five bucks on woodworking projects, and those are all good and fine, but you need to feed your mind. You need to calibrate me, you need to grow. Naselli and Crowley will help us do that.

Furthermore, you’ve been trying to figure out what to do with that Christian lady at church who keeps raving about how great God is Not Dead 2 is. It’s awful! But her conscience is saying something different, and well, what do we do with that? This book would be a really helpful to guide us through that.

But no, you go on sipping your mocha latte’s and ignoring me and everyone else. You don’t need that Christ and Pop Culture Membership. You don’t need Naselli and Crowley’s great book. In fact, you really don’t need me any more either, do you? I see how it is. Sorry we can’t be friends… I hope you feel terrible, forever.


Your Conscience

P.S. I forgive easily if you will confess your moronic choices and let Jesus’ work wash us clean. We can be free (like the book Conscience if you go ahead and begin that CaPC membership today!).

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