Microsoft banned a girl from Xbox Live because she indicated in her profile that she was a lesbian:

Microsoft has gone on record in the past about its policy, saying that it’s not limited to Gamertags of homosexual nature.

“Yes ‘TheStraighterGamer’ or ‘TheHeterosexualgamer’ would have gotten the same treatment and would have been found to be in violation and forced to be changed,” wrote Microsoft reps following previous incidents.

via Xbox Live: Xbox Live Sadly No Place For Lesbian Gamers.

Players on Xbox Live and other online gaming networks are notorious for being homophobic gaybashers, and I think it’s fair to say that this is often brought up as a straw man directed primarily at Christians. There truly are a lot of hateful people on these services, who merely want to hurt others and who utterly fail to communicate any sort of love to gay (or just odd and straight) gamers.

As Christians, how can we best show love to those we meet online and talk to through our headsets? Or is this a valid concern at all?