This is just depressing: according to the Wall Street Journal, Fox paid a high school valedictorian $1,800 to include a plug for I Love You, Beth Cooper in her speech.


  1. Especially since from everything I hear, it was a crap movie.

    On the other hand, this kind of thing provides a valuable lesson to graduating seniors: intelligence, ambition, and effort don’t share beds with ethics. The most successful people in this world won’t necessarily be good people and they’ll most likely have bid off tiny pieces of their soul in their quest to climb the ladder of Social Value. All in all, a lesson that’s right up there with Wear Sunscreen.

  2. It’s also a lesson explored rather interestingly in the movie Cheaters. At least a movie studio didn’t pay an inner-city Academic Decathlon team to cheat in competition. They just made a movie about it after it had already happened.

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