Nice Guys, Stressed Ladies And The Curious Ways They Play Video Games – “A galpal and I are discussing video games over cocktails at a bar. Well, kind of. She’s trying to tell me why she plays FarmVille, and in the course of the discussion I find out her life is a mess.” Fascinating stuff here.

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  1. Wait, the way people interact with fictional world activities is tied to their psychological context? Who knew. I’m kind of with Pete on this when he says half her readers would just end up saying, “Duh.” It’s nice to know that people are thinking about things, but this is pretty obvious stuff.

    Like the Farmville girl, I had a roommate who was majorly into trying to maintain my garden/jungle. He worked at a home for abused kids. He always said he gardened because there he had some element of control, where if you fixed something, it would stay fixed. He never felt that any of the good he did at his job did any good. So he did Farmville in real life before you could do it in pixels from the antiseptic distance of a keyboard and monitor.

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