WoW on iPhone. Someone help us. Please.


  1. If I had do a public commute for long distances like I used to (2 hrs to work and 2 hrs back), something like this would have been pretty cool. You can’t really play the game on it, but you could check auctions, grind levels and coin, and level your fishing.

    Sometimes mindless activities are the best for a long bus-ride. I used to spend my time reading, but especially when the bus fills with passengers, reading would become impossible and I’d be stuck just staring out the window or at the shoes of the lady across from me.

    The Danes last blog post..20090417.teaParty

  2. I think the world’s pretty split. There are the obvious cases of addicts, people who shouldn’t go anywhere near the game. Invariably, they’re also the ones who are the realm leaders in terms of gear, kills, and instance clearings. On the other hand, I’ve known quite a few people for whom the game poses no danger. Myself, I could see playing the game a lot more than I do if I didn’t have other worthwhile things in my life because, well, it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy doing things that I find enjoyable.

    Seth T. Hahnes last blog post..20090417.teaParty

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