Pat Robertson is wrong about Haiti, but he isn’t hateful. – By David Sessions – Patrol Magazine.


  1. Good article. He’s not hateful, but even less helpful. Even if you agree, what good does it do? I hate that this topic could outshine the good that Christians have done to help the Hatians.

  2. And this, ultimately, is why I’m ultimately more upset by John Piper’s comments after the Asian tsunami than by Robertson’s ridiculousness. Piper doesn’t have the excuse of being a loony.

    And though this is somewhat irrelevant to the current discussion, I can’t help sharing. In some circles, apparently Twilight‘s Robert Pattinson is getting the blame for Pat Robertson’s comments:

    Insert comment about the end of civilization as we know it here.

  3. Carissa, what specifically you found problematic about John Piper’s tsunami comments and how you see them as fundamentally linked to Pat Robertson’s interpretation of the Haiti earthquake?

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