Over at Time’s TV Blog, a fantastic write-up of the season premiere of Jon and Kate plus 8 (which I have yet to ever watch and I am now relieved to be able to say so, sorry David):

where to start? With Jon’s moaning that he and his wife had “not signed up for public scrutiny”? (I’m guessing the contract mentioned somewhere that a freaking TV show was involved.) With Kate’s indignity at being criticized for traveling for her “job,” namely, national appearances to publicize her rearing of the eight kids who are home with Jon? With his passive denial of responsibility, or with her aggressive foisting off of it?

It’s clear what Jon & Kate has become now: It’s The Hills for old people. Like MTV’s reality show, it’s less a TV series than a media environment, where the broadcast itself is only the starting point. You need to follow the coverage in the tabs and on the gossip shows in order to get the full storyline and the context.

via Jon & Kate Plus 8: This Would Be the For Worse Part – Tuned In – TIME.com.