God’s PR Problem: The Role of Religion in Videogames – This is a fascinating and thoughtful article about why God is rarely represented (fairly) in video games. A must read.

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  1. Finally read this article. I remember seeing it a while ago but didn’t get around to reading it until now.

    Definitely a great read. The advantage of video games is that they are great for bringing up a question or a discussion in a non-threatening way. I am not well versed in talking about modern vs. post modern generations(is it even post-modern any more, I have no clue), but people my age(college aged) are amazingly open to discussions. However, they will close up and get angry if they feel like they are being told how to think. Video games are great at bringing up a topic but not trying to give answers.

    I really love this because it provides an opportunity for a christian to engage the questions that are brought up, to talk about the absolute truth that the games avoid talking about. Of course this is true about most media, but I appreciate that video games are being considered from this perspective as well.

    Anyways, definitely an article worth checking out.

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