The guys try to balance out their emotions in the cold, dark days of January by reviewing an uplifting musical (The Greatest Showman) and a TV show about how technology will destroy us all (Black Mirror). Does the make-’em-smile spirit of Michael Gracey’s treatment of P.T. Barnum’s life help the guys feel better about Charlie Brooker’s bleak techno-prophecies? Listen to find out!

Music interlude from the official soundtrack for The Greatest Showman, “This Is Me.”

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

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  1. Wow, I couldn’t disagree with you guys on ‘The Greatest Showman’ more. I took my entire family to see it, and then told all my friends to see it and then they told their friends to see it and literally EVERYONE loved it. I’ve seen it several times and each time, the entire audience applauded. The dancing, singing, and acting was incredible.
    Critics trashed it, but look how well it is doing at the box office due to word of mouth. Don’t you think that if the majority of people disagree with you guys, then when you say things like, “It doesn’t leave the audiences time to …” … your opinions on what audiences felt are untrue? This is the type of musical audiences want. This movie didn’t leave YOU GUYS feeling the way you wanted. Most people didn’t need that stuff to be enthralled. The acting was so heartfelt and Hugh Jackman was excellent. All the performers showed so much joy and talent on screen. The love that was put into making the film was palpable. My dad said it is up there with Sound of Music and he greatly dislikes modern Hollywood (he disliked La La Land, by the way). The music for ‘The Greatest Showman’ is amazing and meaningful and uplifting and none of us agreed with anything you guys said about it, really. Thankfully, the majority of people disagree with you guys.

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