Remember when 2D Boy let you pay what you want for World of Goo? Here’s a graph of how many people paid how much. Nothing too surprising.

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  1. If I had bought the game, I probably would have donated $.99. Maybe $1.50 if I was feeling generous. $5 if I was feeling extravagant and owned a money tree. Of course, I can’t use paypal, so there you go.

    For a game though to be paid for by donation and demand the donation up front is the wrong way to go about it. The donation should come post experience. I say I would donate $.99 to the 2D Boy cause for a free copy of World of Goo, because after playing the demo, I don’t feel the game is worth more to me than that. Rich, however, insists that its in the later levels where the game begins to shine. So maybe after finishing World of Goo, just maybe I’d feel like I just played a $7 game.

    Only I can’t know that ahead of time. So I hedge my bets and pay a dollar or so. Maybe I pay less.

    The fact is, the mechanism is broken. They should take a page from Jonathan Coulton, go gave away all his music and then asks for a donation if you like it and want to support his rockstar lifestyle of mythical hookers and blow. 2D Boy could have been stars. Now they’re just goo.

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