In my last post, I made casual mention of the fact that video games are becoming more varied, and I wanted to explain a little bit more about what that means.

In short, it means there’s a game for you. Yes, you.

Probably the largest segment of people I know of who have drifted away from games claim they are too complicated or require too much inherent skill. For those people, here are some games that I can recommend, and an explanation as to why the average “non-gamer” would enjoy them:

  • Peggle (PC/Mac/iPhone/Xbox Live Arcade/Playstation Network) – Simply aim and shoot. You’ll find yourself unable to look away as that ball makes a seemingly random path toward the bottom of the screen. At first, it may seem that the game requires no skill at all and is based on nothing but blind luck, but if you stick with it, you’ll find yourself strategizing with the best of them, and loving it! Try the duel mode with a friend or loved one for maximum benefit. (Check out my overly profound write-up of this game)
  • Limbo (Xbox Live Arcade) – If you’re looking for something simple, but a little more substantial, check out Limbo with a mind toward the artful. My best advice for how to most enjoy this game? Speculate. Speculate as to where this boy is, what he’s feeling, and why the things that are happening to him are indeed happening to him. The game will never answer your questions, but your own answers will probably be better anyway.
  • Portal (PC/Mac/Xbox Live Arcade) – It’s the best way to familiarize yourself with First Person Shooter controls. It’s slow paced, and contains no violence whatsoever. It also contains a story that may even make you question yourself and the way you think about and brush off relationships.

Those are just three games that require very little agility and button memorization, but that also provide an extremely rewarding experience. They also provide a pretty wide view of what’s possible with the medium when it’s at it’s best.


  1. You forgot ‘Splosion Man! My wife, who hadn’t played a game since the first Crash Bandicoot, played Splosion Man with me for at least three hours one day. Definitely belongs on your list.

  2. I can agree with that. Splosion Man is pretty great, and pretty simple, though a lot of my friends find it pretty frustrating, especially the multiplayer mode. I’m surprised your wife can handle it!

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