Jump in the way-back machine with Wade and Kevin and travel back to Hawkins, Indiana, as they review the latest season of Netflix’s hit original series Stranger Things. The Duffer brothers take a page out of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix‘s book, as teenage and romantic drama complicates the already-complicated plot set in motion by some nefarious Russians and an even more nefarious creature known as the Mind Flayer. If romantic comedies and the Beatles are more your speed, this episode also has you covered with a review of Yesterday, a high-concept comedy that posits an interesting scenario: What if everyone in the world except one person forgot about the existence of the Beatles’ music?

Music interlude by Magico Tree, “If There’s a Reason.” Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.

Theme music by Alexander Osborn and Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.