Straight, Gay, Fat, Existential? Superman Fighting to Find Himself


  1. I don’t see why they’re really bothering. It seems impossible that there could be a Superman movie that was actually engaging. He’s like Mickey Mouse and Sherlock Holmes. Everyon knows him but nobody really cares about him.

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  2. In some respects, this is where Superman was when Donner came along and Reeve played a convincing Clark Kent in 1978. Smallville’s done a decent job making the character more relevant, although the last few seasons seem a bit lost & the upcoming one has some big question marks.

    Point being, it’s possible to have a character we care about. Just drop the focus on the Lois Lane love story and start focusing something that actually tests his moral as well as his physical strength.

    And get a new villian that the audience can really hate. For as good as Superman is, you need an enemy that’s as equally evil.

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  3. Yeah, I sort of take it back. I was pretty invested in the first two seasons of Smallville (I’ve only seen the first three), so Superman can be interesting. But I will say that Smallville really only interested me because of Lex. Which I guess is another knock against the icon.

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  4. Dane,

    I’m with you on the Lex thing. (Even my wife admits to having a crush on him and she wrote about it on her blog). He ends up having so many more layers in his transformation from basically good to evil. Clark has just become one-dimensional and whiny – not to mention a tad self-righteous. The writers sort of lost their vision. I don’t have high hopes for season 8, but I’m a loyal fan.

    My disappointment has become even more pronounced now that my wife has introduced me to Heroes. If you could find a way to do Superman like Heroes I think that would make a splash.

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  5. *grin* In light of your identity, is it hard for you to see Superman portrayed one-dimensionally?

    Now may be as good a time as any to mention my favourite Superman story. It’s by, I believe, Kurt Busiek and Stuart Immonen and is called Secret Identity. The story takes place in our world, a world with no super heroes and a world that knows Clark Kent is Superman and knows that he’s just a DC Comics character.

    The protagonist is a kid whose parents, exhibiting a sad sense of humour, named him Clark. Last name Kent. Of course, growing up he endures any number of Superman jokes. And then, in high school, he suddenly discovers that he indeed has the powers of Superman.

    It’s one of the most interesting treatments of the concept I’ve seen.

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  6. To answer your question, yes it does. I’ve thought about submitting spec scripts on several occassions (Lol).

    I’ve read Secret Identity and enjoyed it too. If you ever get a chance to read Birthright, The Origin of the Man of Steel by Mark Waid it’s worth it. The story’s fresh, but not entirely original. What’s best about the book is Waid’s commentary in the end. He’s a very intelligent writer and self-proclaimed Superman Fan #1.

    Another good read is The Man From Kryton which is a collection of essays on Superman edited by Glenn Yeffeth. The book looks at Superman from a number of philisophical perspectives.

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  7. I’ve heard Red Son was good too, but I haven’t read it yet. I did like Superman for All Seasons by Loed/Sale and It’s a Bird… by Steven T. Seagle, but neither of them really treat Superman as a full-fledged character. Seasons scratches his surface through sentimental snapshots. It does well with what it accomplishes, but fails to move beyond its scope into what might amount to a more intriguing moral exploration. And It’s a Bird… really only treats Superman peripherally and as an icon, rather than as a character. It’s more metatext than anything.

    Anyway, I’ll have to check out Birthright next time I’m in Borders. The comic guy there is always recommending it.

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