The Kiddy Pool: It’s the Small Things

“Discipline is really another word for self control, for choosing a path and sticking to it”

The Kiddy Pool: Class Consciousness and the Baby Shower

The Kiddy Pool: A Perspective on Parentology

Dalton Conley’s Parentology: Everything You Wanted to Know about the Science of Raising Children but Were Too Exhausted to Ask does not fulfill the promise of its subtitle; instead, his tongue-in-cheek memoir demonstrates how exhausting, exhilarating, and impossible it is to avoid a trial-and-error approach to rearing our young.

The Kiddy Pool: Disneynature’s Bears

Fear and joy and parenting, for bears and people.

The Kiddy Pool: Streamlining Care Work with “Take Them A Meal”

Even if it’s not comfort food per se, food is a way of offering people comfort, of taking care of those we love by relieving the stress and burden of meal preparations.

The Kiddy Pool: The Case of the Prodigal Pegasus

I felt saddened by her sadness at losing Butterfly and happy for her happiness in rediscovering the pony at last. I care about her, I explained, so I care about what she cares about.

The Kiddy Pool: A Thank-You Note at the End of the Semester

Thankfulness, like the Spirit itself and a good education, changes our perspective and moves us outside of ourselves, in uncomfortable, nonlinear ways.

The Kiddy Pool: The First Sleepover

I didn’t expect my child’s first sleepover to be such a major milestone, but it felt as significant as that first time sleeping through the night.

The Kiddy Pool: An Easter People

We might find a yard scattered with candy-filled eggs and we might find an empty tomb. Neither one can fill us or satisfy us like the Resurrected Christ

The Kiddy Pool: Birthday Fatigue

At birthday parties, kids want to binge on fun and the parents want to binge on memory.

The Kiddy Pool: Tiny Dancer

The decision-making process of enrolling my daughter in dance class reflected the tension of choosing and letting go.

The Kiddy Pool: Our ‘Much Loved’ Stuffed Animals

Our stuffed animals see us and cuddle us at our most vulnerable, and never complain as we lose our hair or our original shape or the full functioning of our limbs.

The Kiddy Pool: All Joy and No Fun

When my husband chafes at the line “These things are fun, and fun is good” in Dr. Seuss’ One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, I get it—because neither one of us sees fun as something we ought to be striving for.

The Kiddy Pool: A Chaos Muppet in the Midst of Order Muppets

Parenting: “I just let it happen, because I’ve got to do the dishes at some point.”

The Kiddy Pool: All in the Olympic Family

The Olympics and the Church.

The Kiddy Pool: Philip Seymour Hoffman and the Paradox of the Loving Addict

“Every relationship with an addict follows the same patterns of peripheral powerlessness.”