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A lot of people have a lot of different opinons about Fox’s new smash hit, Glee. One thing, though, everyone agrees on: Glee is unique. Glee delivers comedy, drama, satire, social commentary, and musical numbers week after week, and then releases albums that sell in huge numbers. It has become a cultural force faster than anyone anticipated, and it’s destined to influence those we know. And even more fascinating, it has its viewers often feeling alternately frustrated and overjoyed, distraught and touched. More than anything: Glee is intellectually, artistically, and morally confusing. This is why we thought it would be a good show to kick off our CaPC Water Cooler Series.

In this series, we view a popular television show, movie, or other popular culture landmark and discuss it to death. As our first in this series, this is really just a series of emails that Ben and Rich traded back and forth before deciding this whole feature would be a good idea. So forgive the casual nature of the entries. We kind of like them that way.

This feature will be updated until we’ve discussed the issue to death. There are currently three ways to keep up:

1. Keep refreshing this page, which will be updated regularly with links to the individual entries.

2. Subscribe to our site in google reader or some other rss reader, and the entries will be delivered to you regularly.

3. Once the series has slowed to a halt, we’ll link to this page again in the “Of the Moment” section of the site.

We look forward to hearing what you think of the series and our thoughts!

Entries (Warning! Spoilers Ahead!):

1. “Ok, BTW… Glee was dumb.”

2. “The kid is an incredible moron.”


  1. Cultural phenomenon? There are only two places I’ve heard of Glee. Here and one woman on Facebook (who posts incessantly about SYTYCD, this, someone called Lady Gaga, and whatever posh food experience she’s having that day).

    Crocs are a cultural phenomenon. Glee? Not just yet.

  2. Yeah, I’m not claiming to be one.

    I just don’t hear people (beyond Rich and this Facebook lady) talking about glee really at all. That’s not the case with other things we’d consider cultural phenomena. Despite its rather niche appeal, New Moon = cultural phenomenon. Crocs = cultural phenomenon. iPhone = cultural phenomenon. Wedding aisle dance = cultural phenomenon. American Idol = cultural phenomenon. Even stuff like LOST and The Office could possibly squeak in.

    Glee? I dunno. It doesn’t seem to have captured the cultural conscience as much as all that. Or if it has, nobody’s talking about it and the social media outlets aren’t brimming with it so much as I’d notice.

  3. You’ll be happy to know that I watched seven-and-a-half minutes of it! For me, that’s stamina, as I like musicals actually less than I like poetry! Beyond the fact that they sang a song, it was sometimes funny (when it wasn’t being overly cute) and I could see how someone could enjoy it. If they like musicals ^_^

  4. I like exactly one, if you don’t count Disney cartoons. O Brother Where Art Thou?. I tried to like them for a while (to impress a particular lady), but it just wasn’t working.

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