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Ben writes,

I don’t know that Glee needed to redeem itself… I like the show overall. That said, I always appreciate it when a storyteller can both tie up loose ends AND up the ante, and that definitely happened in this case. They certainly didn’t back down from making things more complex even as former tensions are resolved. Speaking of assumptions, haven’t we all been assuming Rachel and Finn were pretty much destined for each other? And yet in short order Finn has both resisted her advances and declared his love for Quinn. Intense!

As far as complaints, I do have two. First, I thought it was a somewhat ugly moment when Emma explained the actions of Will’s wife by saying, “You’re a lot to lose, Will.” This is ridiculous flattery and seems to promote condescension in Will, as in, “Perhaps I should show her grace because let’s face it, who could stand to lose me?” It is a call to look on one’s spouse with pity because they are a desperate, lesser person. While the show has certainly spent a lot of time making exactly that point, it’s not the right way for someone in Will’s position to handle that problem.

The other complaint has to do with the, “Who said anything about divorce?” line. Though I think your analysis is dead-on and extremely insightful, it bothered me that the line was directed toward Emma. Emma has done a lot to stay completely above board throughout the show; she has found small ways to separate herself from Will whenever they become to close, she has avoided giving him poisonous or unhelpful advice, and in that particular moment she was even gently defending Will’s wife.

Meanwhile, Will has been flirty and cute with Emma, given her special attention and praise, put her in compromising positions (the man should never have invited her to help with cleaning, put chalk on her nose, gone to see her wedding dresses, asked her to be a special guest judge, etc…), and just been uncareful or unaware of his effect on her.

So when he self-righteously says, “Who said anything about divorce?” I think she has a lot more to be insulted about than him. If the show acknowledges this in future episodes, great. But if they try to make it out like he’s being the Boy Scout and she the unreasonable one, I’ll be annoyed.