I’m doubting that David and I will be doing a podcast on The Golden Compass, since neither of us have read the books, and it’s getting to be about that time. If someone writes about it, awesome, but I’m not counting on it. It’s still a huge deal that you should probably know about, so for now check out Jeffery Overstreet’s article:  “The Golden Compass” – Questions I’ve been asked, answers I’ve given.


  1. I’m skipping on reading the article because I’m actually knee-deep in the book right now. So far, it’s pretty interesting in a childish sort of way. Some of his narrative choices are intriguing and though he hasn’t yet built the great kind of characters that Rowling had by similar page count, his writing is better than what we saw in Harry Potter. I guess I’ll know what’s what soon enough.

  2. From what I hear, (and it’s in the article too) the real problem isn’t with the first book so much as the rest of the trilogy. My wife has read it and would agree with that assessment I think.

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