“We think play is a fundamental human endeavor. Play motivates us and speaks to our most natural human inclinations. Play greases the wheels of social interaction. A life immersed in play is a life well-spent.”


The most recent issue of Kill Screen Magazine

That’s how Kill Screen explains the motivation behind an outlet dedicated examining the intersection of games, play, and the rest of culture. Kill Screen is a website and a print magazine that isn’t afraid to dive deep into the culture and practice of games and play, exploring the personal and social impact of a cultural practice that far too many of us take for granted.

Kill Screen is offering Christ and Pop Culture members two of their most fascinating issues for free. They’re timeless reads that explore the concept of play from all sorts of surprising angles. A lot of magazines and websites have purported to explore the more meaningful side of videogames, but Kill Screen is one of the most consistent voices in that arena we’ve seen, and the pieces in their magazine are meticulously crafted and regularly transformative.

If you like what you read, you’ll definitely want to add their website to your bookmarks. If you want to read more issues of Kill Screen Magazine, check out their store where you can subscribe or get print or ebook versions of their other back issues. Trust us on this: every one of them is an amazing read.