I’m just going to copy this whole blog here and say I pretty much agree:

Give it up, he says. This CT article by Collin Hansen, Contemplating Culture in a Southern Citadel, reports on a talk given by Touchstone senior editor Russell Moore on Evangelical identity in today’s culture. He says,

“If we want to reshape American culture, we need to give up on reshaping American culture. We need to turn to reshaping Southern Baptist churches. In order to save our influence, we must lose it.”

You can omit Southern Baptist and fill in the blank with your own church, for my two cents. The culture gets reshaped by clashing with the culture of the Church, only if the Church is stronger (and thus “wins”). But winning is never permanent. Whenever and wherever it doesn’t win, it offers the world martyrs: The disciple is not greater than the Master. It still wins, in the End.

via Touchstone Magazine – Mere Comments: Russell Moore on (Not) Saving Culture.