‘Seeing and Believing’ goes to infinity and beyond this week with two much-anticipated reviews. First up is their take on ‘Toy Story 4’. Directed by Josh Cooley—who makes his feature film debut with the project—the newest entry in Pixar’s beloved saga sees Woody and the gang on a road trip with their new kid Bonnie. Alongside them for the ride is “Forky” (voiced by Tony Hale), a toy crafted by Bonnie from arts supplies at her new school. When Woody (voiced once again by Tom Hanks) stumbles upon an old antique shop, he soon comes face to face with new challenges, as well as his old love, Bo Peep (voiced by Annie Potts).

In their second segment, the duo continues their “Summer of Stan” review series with a look at Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 science-fiction classic, ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’. Does it still hold up after all these years? And, just what do we make of those apelike creatures?

Existential questions abound on this week’s episode of ‘Seeing and Believing’!

Song: “Down in the Depths” by Agus Blue

Theme music by Alexander Osborn†and†Lindsey Mysse. Used under Creative Commons license 3.0.